Do you need a partner for long-term translation services? A translation agency you can trust all your language needs? UK translation services? Top translation agencies in London?  Welcome to Pangeanic, one of the best translation companies in the world with offices in Spain, UK, China and Japan.

Our translation agency has selected and recruited more than 3,000 expert translators to provide professional translation services worldwide. With offices in Europe (Spain), China (Shanghai) and Japan (Tokyo), you don’t need to look for more translation companies: Pangeanic is your translation company when you are looking for website translation services, technical translations, medical translations and fast multilingual desktop publishing processes.

Within our specialist translation services, our professional translation agency offers


Website translation services linked to proprietary machine translation to translate eCommerce platforms, social intelligence and social media will help you translate Big Data fast – and we can create your own machine translation engines using your previous translation assets. We believe that translation is human and in order to be known as one of the best translation agencies in the world, we must ensure the highest quality translations by tested, tried, trusted professional translators. However, when fast translation services are needed, human post-editing services of specialist machine translation complete our value proposition as a technological, professional translation company. We enable you to publish more content quicker, more often, in more languages ​​and at affordable prices. Welcome to Pangeanic, the translation agency you can trust.

As one of the best translation companies in the world, Pangeanic began operations as a brand in 2004. Before that date, it was the subsidiary UK translation company of a Japanese corporation since 1997 offering language translation services to the headquarters in Tokyo. Over the last 12 years, Pangeanic has developed full language translation services specializing in translation technology tools, too.  Translation technologies can save you time, money and accelerate your publication processes virtually in any language you need to translate. We select the best English to French translators for French translations. We select the best English to German translators for German translations. How? All our professional translators need to pass strict translation tests to become members of our team. It does not suffice to be bilingual. Our quality-focused approach to translation services goes further. We apply


  • database technologies to retrieve previous translations so you can benefit from standardization and discounts for similar sentences,
  • terminology management tools,
  • our own neural machine translation technology for fast translation services,
  • our Cor crawler to detect new content automatically and translate a web page
  • post-translation quality assurance checks by native proofreaders and QC linguists.

This tested workflow has provided a top translation service to hundreds of satisfied clients in Europe, the US, UK, Japan, China, Dubai, Kuwait…  Because of our global reach, are known as a US translation company, UK translation company, European translation company, Japan translations company, Chinese translation company. It is through the combination of the best translators to offer translation services with language technology and attention to detail that we achieve fluency levels in our translations. All these are key factors for Pangeanic to be considered one of the best translation agencies in the world. We are also an active member of international translation organizations like GALA (the Globalization and Localization Association), ELIA (European Language Industry Association). We were one of the founding members of TAUS (Translation Automation) and its Translation Data Association. We support humanitarian caused via Translators Without Borders and NGO’s like the Malima Project.

The company’s research efforts in the field of hybrid and statistical machine translation have led us to be members of several national and international research projects (EXPERT, EXPloiting Empirical appRoaches to Translation) on the optimization of the use of machine translation and development of machine translation engines in several language pairs, with findings being reported as academic articles in several industry fora. For example, PangeaMT was been mentioned in EU’s FP7 research project Euromatrixplus as “the first commercial LSP to apply Moses successfully”. Thanks to our flexible systems, you can confidently migrate from your current translation service and start a new translation service in hours. Pangeanic makes it easy when it comes to translation management, thanks to its expert project management team and the selection of the best translators after careful credential checking and language fluency and translation tests.

Pangeanic’s clients have a 24/7 portal where they can upload documents for translation, automate translation workflows and assign translations, check progress and status and gather business intelligence, from cost to word count averages per language to make the right decisions when they need to invest more or less in website translations, for example, or how much they have spent in medical document translations. Our translation portal provides these KPIs and more: it is also a secure server to upload and download documents for translation, retrieve past translations, invoices, quotes, etc. If you translate more than 100,000 words per year into a language (let’s say for English to French translations), speak to any of our representatives to consider automating your translation workflows with our machine translation processes. A customized machine translation solution, will help you save time and money in translation costs. Our machine translation technology PangeaMT is different to the online machine translation services (generalists) that you may know. PangeaMT will use your own data and terminology for your own proprietary machine translation engines – and these engines will reflect your style, your company terminology, and no one else’s. With offices in Spain, Japan and China, Pangeanic is the professional translation service you can trust for multilingual publication in many formats. Our motto is that “Quality is never expensive, but lack of quality will always be” – and we are here to make the translation process as easy and affordable as possible so you can be heard in any language.

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