Managing a translation service within the context of your company’s internationalization efforts is no easy job. That’s why we offer you our free crawler to discover new content as you publish.

You want to make your company a leader within a specific area. Your human resources will be focused on your business sector. Whilst you need to provide translations of all you documentation to your customers, you cannot afford the luxury of simply entrusting it to freelance linguists, or obtaining translations that do not meet the level of quality you expect. You probably do not even have time to manage documents up and down - much less the resources to manage a pool of freelance translators – and that is not your job, anyway.

And that is what we offer at Pangeanic. Our Cor technology goes beyond the concept of handling document translations by email. Most companies seek technology solutions that facilitate translation integration in a totally transparent and flexible manner. Our mission at Pangeanic is to ensure that the translation process of your website is a simple, fast and problem-free process, providing a return on investment.

Companies that are serious about translating content need a crawler, content translation experts and Translation Management System – Free!!

Cor: Fast and efficient technical translation management

We have developed a technology to achieve this: we call it Cor technology. It is comprised of a set of synchronized web 2.0 tools that we have designed to improve translation process and workflow efficiency.

Thanks to Cor, Pangeanic clients can publish their content without having to worry about translation. We find their content as they publish: every day, every two days, once week or even several times a day. You do not have to tell us you have published anything. We crawl your website, discover the new pages and translate them into the languages of your choice. All content is translated with the utmost confidentiality and placed in the client’s private area of our translation management system (TMS). The client receives an email with a link for encrypted download. Watch this video to find out more and read below to find out more information.

The system is based in the cloud with secure backup servers at our HQ. Therefore, it can be accessed at any time and from any place. All transfers and communication are GlobalSign encrypted for obtain the highest security. There is no need to send and receive files by email: all transfers can be performed using links, uploading and downloading to the translation management system. In addition, we have a talented internal technical team comprised of expert programmers, software engineers, designers and developers, who work ceaselessly to develop new custom translation applications and tools to make life simpler for our customers. This can be WordPress plugins, Drupal plugins, eCommerce plugins.

The range of flexible and progressive tools for our Cor technical translation technology includes:

Desktop or browser-based computer assisted translation (CAT) tools

We are continuously improving and developing the desktop and browser-based versions of our XML based CAT tool to ensure the fastest and most precise translation process for our customers, and to ensure the best terminology match discount rates for our translations.

With Pangeanic not only will you never have to pay twice to translate the same sentence, you won’t have to pay twice to translate part of a sentence translated previously either.

If we need to change or edit only one word, the customer will pay just a fraction of the price, and will not have to pay for the entire sentence to be translated again. Although such edits can affect other words depending on the language, the idea remains the same: reduce our customer’s translation expenses by recycling terminology and expressions, by treating their translations as databases.

Terminology management

Our translation environment includes integrated terminology management tools. Which means that regardless of the time, format or translator working on your project, we can guarantee consistent use of terminology, job after job.

Our technicians can extract the most frequently used terms from your existing translations, stylistic as well as technical. This means we can ensure that your company and sector’s specialist terminology and style are always respected, strengthening your brand identity.

CMS plugins

We can easily integrate your content management system with our Cor technology.

Integration with your CMS can provide many advantages, from reducing project management lead times to enabling greater project control, constantly updated translation expense data, etc.

Automatic FTP

Where CMS integration is not the best option, we can create automatic file transfer protocols to manage your content transfers, a simple means of sending files in both directions.

Report generation tool

You can also monitor all of your translation projects with our custom report generation tool. Thanks to which you can obtain detailed information and histories for all your translation projects, both ongoing and completed.

Estimate tool

This tool enables you to generate your own calculations and estimate costs for future translations by language pair, word count, required level of service, etc. And all without having to crate a project or place an order.

All our technology has been conceived to provide you with strict planning control when undertaking the multilingual publication and internationalization of your content.