Professional proofreading services ensure that your translated document or your first draft translation will sound fully native in the target language of your choice. Pangeanic always has a bilingual translator to compare the original text and the target translation so that your work reads not as a translation, but as a native version.


What are proofreading services and why do I need them?

Proofreading services are not an extra luxury that you can do without. Many of our past clients have written and translated the texts for their websites into a foreign language, acting as a translation company… without ever having the text proofread by a native speaker!

With Pangeanic, you do not need to make any mistakes in your publication process: you can provide a document translated by yourself and use Pangeanic’s proofreading services and one of our experienced translators will polish and finish it, offering a final native speaker version (English, French, Spanish, German, etc.)

Proofreading services mean that the document will be finished and complete, offering a final, native speaker version. We understand that sometimes there may be no original and you or your organization will be drafting the version. Perhaps you are an expert in the field and you are used to writing content and proposals in the target language and only need a native speaker to check. Or perhaps a member of your staff has been able to draft a text in a language he or she is familiar with, and the person is not a native speaker but has studied the language at University. In all of those cases, contact Pangeanic and ask for our proofreading services. We will be glad to help you. Find out more about our different translation levels and a lot more information in our FAQ section. Pangeanic provides complete professional translation services in more than 240 language pairs.

Proofreading services are always important if you have carried out your own translations or have ordered the translations somewhere else because two heads are always better than one!

Our services include:

  • Document Translation (Marketing Translations and Translation of Business News, Medical Translations, Legal Translations, Technical Translations),
  • Website Translations and Website Localization,
  • Multilingual Desktop Publishing in European languages,
  • Multilingual Desktop Publishing in Asian languages,
  • Multilingual Desktop Publishing in Arabic and Hebrew,
  • Voice-overs, Video Captioning and Subtitling.

Pangeanic’s Translation Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2008 certified. This means that all of our clients can access a private client portal area 24/7 and upload and download data, place an order and obtain a quotation, as well as download business intelligence and reports.

Ask for a translation project quotation for any language – it is always free. It does not matter how complicated, whether it includes desktop publishing or OCR, extracting the text from a PDF… or whether you need fast translation services or fast proofreading services.

When we say we service more than 100 language combinations, we mean it!  We offer Spanish translations, from French, from Japanese, Arabic or Hebrew, but also fully professional translations into English from virtually any language in the world.

Pangeanic has more than 3,000+ professional translators registered and tested, and 20 years of experience to back up our work.