“Localization Services” is a term that appears often in translation companies’ websites. But do you understand what this term really means with regards to the translation of websites, software or translation services?

Well, in short, a translation service will focus on the accuracy of the words, grammar, terminology etc. as it happens in the case of technical translations. However, when we approach a project as “Localization Services”, the translator goes one step further than translating from one language to another. The translator takes into account other factors that will influence the understanding in the target audience such as cultural references, humor, expressions or even the use of different colors and images. All of this could cause the wrong perception of your brand in a new market.

One of our most popular “translation services” is website localization, which goes beyond website translation services.

Perhaps you may think that a localization service is not necessary for your product or service, but just stop and think for one minute if your company name or pictures mean something else or could be found offensive in another culture. Colors for mourning, happiness or sadness vary from India to China and Western cultures.


Pangeanic only uses native translators in its translation services. We check with our client if there is any doubt and advice them about terms that are not culturally transferable and the use of “free style translation”. This guarantees that no words, phrases, images or slogans that could be a cause for concern are published in the target languages. Read on about well-known marketing translation failures by big brands in our Knowledge section, from lack of checking in automobile names (Pajero, Moco, Nova) to plain bad translations.

Some of the requests Pangeanic receives have to do with localization services and software testing and website localization. Please contact us for more information on these specialist services.