Pangeanic provides document translation services that help companies, law firms and organizations succeed in the global marketplace. International litigation translations? Financial reports translation services? Translations for the pharmaceutical sector? Medical devices? Yes, we can help!

Pangeanic delivers the highest quality and most efficient life science, medical, legal, sports, financial and technical document translation services online and on-demand. We are happy to offer one of the world’s largest professional translator networks – with a difference! Our human translators are powered with vanguard agile and innovative language technologies to help them produce more text, and faster. We help Nasdaq companies, international businesses, legal services and engineering companies translate huge amounts of technical documentation and websites into more than 120 languages with terminology accuracy, and speed, while reducing our clients’ translating costs with our own translation databases.

Agile Document Translations

Yes, we believe in Agile! Pangeanic is natively digital and proud of its digital blueprint. The digital economy has fundamentally changed customer expectations for speed and our goal is to offer document translation services 24/7. Fast document translations can no longer be measured in weeks or months: they’re required in days or even hours.

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Document sizes are increasingly becoming smaller and agile and iterative development methodologies take center stage. What does this mean? Document translation services must be agile and operate around the clock in order to deliver just-in-time and always-on language solutions that meet today’s digital translation requirements.

Pangeanic has developed award-winning ActivaTM for cloud translation memory management. All your texts are checked versus prior versions at lightning speed, ensuring faster response times than traditional TMS systems. Our AI-powered, highly automated localization workflow removes the need for human intervention that is typical of old-generation translation services workflows. We want to deliver better linguistic consistency and at the same time reduce overall translation costs. Pangeanic helps clients go to global markets faster than ever.

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The Best Translators for your Document Translation Needs

Our team has been busy recruiting over 5,000 document translation professionals worldwide. include subject matter experts that have been qualified through a series of rigorous tests. All our translators are native to the target language, have been selected after stringent translation tests and have at least 3 years of proven translation experience. All our linguists undergo a rigorous vetting process to ensure that their subject matter expertise, translation experience and academic qualifications meet Pangeanic strict quality standards and they translate all material with the local audience in mind.

ISO-Certified Quality Assurance in All Translation Services

Pangeanic’s quality assurance process for document translation services holds three certificates: ISO 9001:2015,  ISO 17100 and ISO 13485:2016. Our processes are audited every year so our clients remain assured of our commitment with the highest standard of language services, backed by industry leading terminology management solutions, and best-in-class technology to provide technically precise and culturally appropriate document translations.

No wonder thousands of organizations, NGO’s, institutions, companies and businesses including Fortune 500 companies, Am Law 200 law firms, and international regulatory agencies rely on Pangeanic for their document translation needs. Whether you need Spanish translation servicesChinese, Japanese document translations, English into French translation, Brazilian Portuguese, or any other of the 100 languages we serve, Pangeanic will amaze you.

Instructions manuals, website translation services, contract agreements, reports, video scripts, training documents… we have the subject matter expertise, personnel and linguistic excellence to deliver best-in-class translation services on budget, 24/7.

Machine Translation (MT)

Machine translation is a powerful tool for lowering costs and accelerating turnaround times for high-volume document translation projects, though its quality is still far from being at the the same level of human translation. Machine translation is especially relevant when you need to find out the meaning quickly in foreign documentation, for eDiscovery services, and for high-volume business translation projects. It can help you get quickly the “gist” of a document when artificial or machine quality is sufficient.

Pangeanic has developed machine translation technologies for institutions, governments, legal firms and companies that integrate MT into the document translation process.

We Translate These Document Formats

Pangeanic translates all document types and formats such as all Microsoft family products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) PDF, InDesign, FrameMaker, XML, Javascript, .PO, and more.


Annual Reports

Business Document Translation

E-learning and Training Materials

Financial Statements

HR Handbook

Informed Consent Documents

Insurance Forms and Claims

Legal Contracts

Legal Document Translation

License Agreements

Medical Records

NGO websites and reports

Online Help Localization

Owner’s Manual Translation

Operating Instructions


Policy Manuals

Product Catalog Translation

Product Guides

Reference Manuals

Regulatory Filings