Every business is global in the 21st century. Multi-national organizations and enterprises rely on website translation services, business translation of documents and reports to communicate with global audiences and boost revenues. Some need Business Translation Services to manage multi-language staff worldwide in day-to-day operations. It is not just essential that websites, business documents (PowerPoint presentations, financial Excel files, etc.), emails and correspondence be well-written in English, French, Spanish, German or the official language of the country, but that they are well translated and communicate clearly and unequivocally the intended message with the correct terminology.

Pangeanic provides a wide range of business translation services for enterprises doing business internationally. Your product description, eCommerce site, commercial website or blog, technical manuals and collateral material can be translated in any language you require – even for niche markets.

Our services include professional document translation of any type of business document, from financial documents to compliance material, medical devices / pharmaceutical / healthcare, legal and litigation (for which you can use our award-winning machine translation services to translate massive amounts of data) as well as the translation of business plans, annual reports or the translation of website content, apps and software products, video voice-overs/subtitling and other certified translation services.

Pangeanic can provide certified translation in all language pairs. Many of the world’s household brands choose Pangeanic for their business and document translation needs.

Beatrix- Our French Translator for Business Translation Services

Beatrix- Our French Translator for Business Translation Services

América Garoña – Our Spanish Translation Manager












The translation industry is one of the fastest growing B2B (business-to-business) market segments. Any company dealing with international markets knows that language translation services play a vital role in the digital world and global expansion. A website is the first presentation card. The design has to be attractive and the site load fast, but the content has to be available in the target language for every country where there is a market. Pangeanic offers a business translation service delivered by an experienced team of translation professionals. With locations in Asia, Europe and the Americas, Pangeanic understands the challenges facing global businesses in today’s competitive marketplace more than most translation companies. It is essential to develop and apply the best translation technologies and to count with tested, cherry-picked human resources to get corporate communications right.

Highly Accredited Business Translations

Pangeanic is one of only a few translation companies that have achieved both the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 certification for our translation management and translation processes and the specific standard EN17100 for translation services (and EN13485 for medical devices). We are also a member of several translation associations like Gala (the Globalization and Localization Association), Elia (the European Language Industry Association), TAUS and EAMT. Our business translation clients can therefore be completely assured of the top quality and consistency of our business translations.

With translators in over 100 countries and support of hundreds of language combinations, Pangeanic is your ideal partner for your business translation needs wherever you are. Click here to get an online price quote for business translation services.