Do you have a document in foreign language and need to translate into English? Contact Pangeanic for professional English Translation Services and put your document translation in the hands of the experts – since 1997!!

Being the second most spoken language in the world and the language of international trade and finances, clear communication and a reliable English translation service with native English speakers is a basic requirement for most companies. Expert and concise communication when translating into English is more important than ever, because your English translations are the reflection of the service your business will provide.

Experts in translations into English from the following languages

Pangeanic prides itself to be one of the top translation companies in the world with the largest document translation language cover. If we cannot find a native English speaker with a high command of the source language because it is an exotic combination, we will set up a team of source language native speakers or bilinguals together with native English speakers with a high command of the language for editing and proofreading. Both teams will work together to produce perfect English translation from any language. After all, Pangeanic has solved difficult document language translations like Hebrew into Spanish or German – we will work to find and test the best linguists for you, always!

Since there are a large number of English speaking countries, there is a variety of pronunciation, grammar, intonation and spelling in each country. As for the translation into American-English and British-English translation. Pangeanic has selected the best translators working into British English, American English, Australian English, South African English in order to offer the most appropriate tone according to your publication needs.

You will find professional multilingual staff at Pangeanic with a vast amount of experience in document translation to help you with our English Translation Services and offering you translation, adaptation and revision of texts in the format you need for your English translations. Our team has accumulated decades of experience in translation, with millions of words translated into English and other languages for large companies and multinationals worldwide. Our experience in multilingual translation projects provides us a unique experience that ensures fast translation services at competitive prices.

Testimonials of our Professional Translation Services

Review of Pangeanic's translation service
We ask our clients to provide feedback on our services and how well we have served them. Trustpilot is an independent review company that gathers feedback from users. 8,6 is not bad, we want all our clients to receive the best translation service possible!

Translation technologies for excellent English translation services

We use cutting-edge tools in terminology management and computer-assisted translation to create databases in all our English translations in order to ensure that you never pay for the translation of the same sentence twice. Not even part of the sentence! If your new documents are somewhat similar to previously translated material, Pangeanic will offer a discount as the text can be recalled from our databases, also offering higher consistency in the final document. Rely on the expertise of our internal staff and the selection of the best English translators so that your publications can be read in English internationally as if they were written originally by a native English speaker.

From a single file of MS Office(TM) to translate from Spanish, French or German into English, to processing InDesign files, FrameMaker, or po formats from a WordPress site, xliff, xml, xlsx., odt, etc… Pangeanic will handle your formats to save desktop publishing time and provide efficient and cost-efficient solutions for your English translations.

Features of the English Language

English is spoken extensively in different parts of the world. In total, 508 million people speak English. Due to its political, economic, scientific, cultural and military influence, as well was the British colonial expansion since the 18th and 19th centuries, the English language has spread worldwide. Currently, it is the primary language for international discourse and the lingua franca in many regions. The English language is studied considerably; it is also the official language of several Commonwealth countries and is one of the six official languages of the European Union and many multinational organizations.