One of the best English-Spanish translation services in the world

The translations from English into Spanish and translations from Spanish into English represent a very large percentage of our work at Pangeanic. Ever since 1997, we have selected the best translators to work for us and provide one of the best English-Spanish translation services in the world, renown for its accuracy and speed.

What translations do we offer?

We work in both directions, offering Spanish-English translations and English-Spanish translations.

Pangeanic has experience in translations for large, small and medium enterprises
operating in business areas like engineering, technical, consumer electronics and professional electronics, law, marketing literature, pharmaceutical and medical translations, finance and IT. Our English-Spanish translation services work for you so you can adapt your website and target Spanish-speaking countries in Europe (Spain) and the large and growing Latin American market (Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, etc.) and Equatorial Guinea in Africa.

We choose the best Spanish translators

Our strict human resources policies mean that translators must hold professional qualifications and pass a test in order to work for Pangeanic. Therefore, we always choose who we believe is the best Spanish translators and the most qualified for your translation project. This means that if you are looking for Spanish technical translation services, we will select the services of an in-house Spanish translator or external translator with wide technical experience. If you are dealing with marketing texts that need to flow as if created natively in Spanish rather than a very accurate translation, our expert Project Managers will select a creative Spanish translator who has previously dealt similar marketing translations before. Because of our accumulated experience, we can guarantee you English Spanish translation services of the highest quality at competitive rates.

All our translation work is professionally checked by expert Project Managers and a second translator with similar skills to offer a translation that reads as if it was written in Spanish  originally.

Fast English-Spanish translation services

We recruit the best English Spanish translators and Spanish English translators worldwide. This is why there are always are Pangeanic Spanish translators available to work on your documents 24/7. We can set up a Spanish translation team and assign it directly to you via our client portal so that you can upload documents to be translated into Spanish any time, anywhere. You will receive an email link once the work is finished so that you can download the files from our secure servers.

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Do not hesitate to call us today in Europe +34 6 333 86 916 or US: +1 617 24 50 916

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