Patent translation requires more than quality and accuracy: the translation company needs to understand the process of international filing and legal complexities.

Prior to an application, you may need to process massive amounts of data with patent-expert machine translation and then translate the international application with human quality and understanding the terminology requirements of each application.

However, the traditional translation method for human translation and filing patents presents significant drawbacks: inconsistent quality, lack of transparency on costs, unclear workflows that place a heavy administrative burden on internal patent departments. Patent experts and IP attorneys who approach us describe these frustrations to us on a regular basis. We solve this issues by applying Artificial Intelligence to pre-qualification with our own machine translation technology and terminology extraction tools. We can process massive amounts of data in any language into English and extract key terms to first understand what foreign patents talk about. Secondly, we can proceed to human Patent translation & IP services.

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Since 2000, Pangeanic has been a pioneer of a new approach: a streamlined process for patent translation & foreign filing that helps thousands of corporate IP departments, legal and patent firms dramatically lower costs while ensuring consistent, reliable quality. With a single instruction, Pangeanic prepares high-quality patent translations using an extensive network of legal and technical translation experts. IP departments, legal and patent firms feel in control as the process is completely monitored using our online Translation Management Tool (Cor) so they can file a patent application in up to 150 countries. With Cor, IP departments, legal and patent firms can review and approve accurate quotes at any time, monitor progress and obtain accurate monthly patent translation reports and KPIs (word counts, cost, savings, etc.)

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