Quality Assurance (QA)

Building a brand is all about having a consistent message, and to achieve a consistency your brand needs quality assurance in translation processes. This is how Pangeanic has cemented its brand reputation and grown its business. Quality Assurance in translation processes permeates everything we do at Pangeanic, we do not just have a certification so a paper proves we have processes – we live and apply quality steps in order to ensure professional translations time after time.

We are audited by EQA and have the following standards :

  • ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management for the provision of language services, including confidentiality agreements and data transmission and information security)
  • ISO 17100:2015 (Translation Standard)
  • ISO 13485:2016 (Translation Standards for the medical-healthcare sector)

But what if I just need a document translation? What does all this Quality Assurance in Translation Processes mean for me?

We provide a quality translation service no matter what your size or needs are. Our processes are independently audited and certified every year. Whereas large clients have specific needs, all our clients can rely on carefully selected, tried, trusted and tested quality translators and knowledgeable staff that will

  • analyze your document;
  • recommend the best translation level for you;
  • send the first translated document to a second linguist/checker to ensure that the final translation reads correctly;
  • filter and deal with any format requirements or desktop publishing you may have, from Microsoft Word texts to Adobe’s InDesign or FrameMaker;
  • keep a translation memory of the job we have done for you;
  • meet the delivery deadline;

I want just one supplier or company to deal with all my translation requirements – What does Quality Assurance in translation processes mean for me?

It means Pangeanic will run a tailored end-to-end translation process designed to avoid any errors:

  1. We will assign a Project Manager who will work on your translation project. The Project Manager will understand your operations, style in the source language and any particular instructions.
  2. We can receive, store, manage and make available every translation assignment securely via our in-house dedicated servers.
  3. Using the expertise of our internal proofreaders and checkers, we will gather feedback on our work and our translators using translation quality metrics built in our translation management system.
  4. We will provide full traceability and transparency on who has entrusted any translation jobs from your organization and cost. This will also be available to you using our Translation Management System.
  5. We will ensure the best rates we have negotiated at global level with professional translators.
  6. As your translation company of choice, we are committed to review our performance with you regularly, holding meetings every quarter or providing monthly /quarterly reports on performance, translation memory savings, punctuality, etc.