Customer satisfaction is central to our services and work ethos. We are always very pleased when we receive a comment from a client telling us that our translation services have helped them close a deal, translate a website efficiently or that the technical documentation sent with their product helped users and engineers operate their products. We feel proud when the time spent thinking out a language equivalent of a marketing message was translated in such a way that it conveyed a message people liked.

So, we asked many of our clients what they thought about us and we have collected several translation service testimonials. We hope they will be useful when you decide to entrust Pangeanic your translation work.

Pangeanic has been recommended to me by my predecessor in this position. They are in charge of all my home projectors manuals/user guides translations for main European languages since 3 years (~5 models / year).
I have always been satisfied so far:
– Never a delay, even when we were asking in last minute, which happened many times
– Never a complain on translation quality, despite the level of technical language required”
Translation services for Sony
Thomas Issa
Product Manager – B2B Displays and Home Projectors
Professional Solutions Europe (France)

With packaged software delivery, translations come in always at the end, close to the release, during the hectic final rush to get the release out. We have been using Pangeanic for the past 5 years and it is a nice feeling when among all the mayhem of the final weeks of the run to the release, you can trust them to deliver. They are always fast to respond to quote requests, are easy to communicate over email, and fast and good quality translation delivery with a good pricing to boot.
Translation services for CCTV company Mirasys
Arto Kiiskinen
Senior Product Development Manager, Mirasys (Finland)

Pangeanic offers quick and reliable services at a low cost. We are very happy with the results we receive from them!
Medical translation service for DSM
Jaleen Sherrange
Marketing Specialist for Fortitech Premixes| DSM Nutritional Products (The Netherlands)

Thanks for a wonderful job. We are very grateful.
logo of world council of churches
Marianne Ejdersten
Director of Communication
World Council of Churches