Pangeanic is a fast paced, innovative organization, and a world leader in natural language processing technologies with human in the loop. Our headquarters are in Valencia (Spain) and we have representative offices in Boston (USA) and San Francisco, London (UK), Shanghai (China) and Tokyo (Japan). We offer careers that suit a wide range of skill sets, educational backgrounds and levels of experience, from translation services sales to translation project management and translation technologies, translation and quality control, machine translation, etc.

Pangeanic is part of several EU research programs and has authored academic articles on the application of machine translation to post-editing, neural learning routines from translator feedbcak, quality measurements, etc. Our technology developments have led us to lead several European projects (iADAATPA, NEC TM and Europeana’s Chatbot), the EXPERT Marie Curie project on machine translation hybridation, anonymization toolkits and the building the largest neural engine farm across European languages for Public Administrations (NTEU).

We develop applications that make the language industry and exciting industry to work for by offering value-added services.

Due to our fast growth, Pangeanic aims to further develop our outstanding translation services by attracting and retaining quality staff that identifies with our values of customer satisfaction and service, innovation, multiculturalism and respect. If you are interested in joining our team, please check our current full-time position and traineeship opportunities.

Internship opportunities

English, French, German, Italian & Spanish and other languages – Check availability

Machine Translation Posteditors

Careers at Pangeanic – 2020

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Careers at Pangeanic – 2018 (positions filled)

Careers at Pangeanic – 2017

  • Head of Human Resources and Vendor Management (October 2017)
  • Accountant (October 2017)
  • Italian Translator & Project Manager (October 2017)
  • English Translator
  • Senior Developer
  • Developer

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