And as we wish farewell to 2017, we are back with our last issue of the year! Just to remind you what the point of these are, in each issue we will feature some highlights of the month, technical translation news and we may even take an in-depth look at featured languages. Check out last month’s edition!

We could offer a 10% discount on your next project. How it works is as follows, we will be selecting one of our clients every month through a “pick me” system and we’ll feature their services and what kind of work we do for them. The featured client will get 10% discount on all projects started within the featured month. And some free publicity from our website to help your company rank better in search engines! It might be a really good idea to try to get selected during a month when you are expecting a lot of work to translate so you can be a hero and save your company some money! Get in touch with the team below if you would like to be featured. We won’t be featuring a client this month as we have some new tech news to share instead!! We will tell you more about it in a minute…

FinlandPangeanic travels north to see what the Nordic translation industry has to offer.

From Wednesday 22nd until Friday 24th of November, Pangeanic travelled north to Helsinki to attend our first Nordic Translation Industry Forum! And what an amazing event it was! Let’s start off by saying that Helsinki is a stunning location for business or pleasure. The team was greeted by light snow and a high of 1º C for most of the 4-day stay! Garth Hedenskog (our sales director) and Alex Helle (our chief research and developer) were lucky enough to go this year. This was naturally a very popular event/destination to attend with a lot of staff at Pangeanic very eager to go!

Garth and Alex of course didn’t just go for the beautiful scenery, adventure and crisp fresh Nordic air, they went to showcase Pangeanic’s technology, see what the Nordic translation industry had to offer and of course let their hair down and mingle with our amazing localization colleagues. If you would like to read the full diary then click here.

technologyNews from our tech department…what’s inside PangeaBox??

Now as some of our regular readers will know, we may have mentioned on a few occasions that we are obsessed with translation technology and we always try to be at the forefront of the industry’s latest offerings. We have published loads of articles on our centralised translation memory system called ActivaTM. Pangeanic stands for translation technology developments. We not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk when it comes to language technologies, constantly innovating, automating and speeding up the translation process. ActivaTM is a central database system based on Elastic Search and developed as part of a EU research project. Find out more about the benefits of having all your translation assets centralised. If you haven’t seen the news, please feel free to read more about it here.

We will also have some fascinating Neural Machine Translation case studies early 2018 which we have been working on with some of our clients. In particular, we’ve further developed Pangeanic’s API which is based on the successful PangeaMT machine translation customisation platform through ActivaTM. It provides a direct interface to machine translation and professional translation services by our linguists – more than 3,000 translators in many language pairs at the click of a button.

Today however, we are shining the spotlight on our latest offering………. PangeaBox. We haven’t premiered the tool yet so we would first like to share the news with our loyal clients and contacts……you heard it here first!! Here you have a little snippet to whet your appetite.

PangeaBox is the most delightful app you will ever come across to machine translate full documents. Whether you choose to fully translate documents with a generic online tool or have engines built by us, PangeaBox will machine translate a document for your clients in minutes and seconds. Email messages, PowerPoint presentations, docx, xlsx… in fact any type of xml-compliant format!

So, how does it benefit translation companies or clients in general?

– It is now easy to have full file translation from an app on your desktop and run the service securely from your office.
– Depending on your level of confidentiality with your clients, you can MT with Bing, Google, or DeepL free services whilst uploading a glossary to maintain a client’s look and feel.
– You can have an MT engine built by us (or somebody else) and PangeaBox will automate translation and return fully translated documents.

Get in touch with one of our team to discuss options if you are thinking about changing suppliers or maybe looking to open new markets for your company

happy new year
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