Looking for professional Farsi (Persian) translators?

Contact Pangeanic when you need Farsi translators to translate natively or adapt your documents. Our native Iranian-born translators can revise, review and publish translations in Farsi in the format that you require. Pangeanic has provided Farsi translations for decades and literally millions of words to companies and business worldwide.

English to Farsi Translation Services

Our Farsi translators know they work for one of the best translation companies in the world, and if you are looking for professional Farsi translations to trust with your eyes closed, Pangeanic is your number 1 choice. Whether you are looking for Farsi texts to be translated as English translations, French translations, German translations, Spanish Translations or another language, contact Pangeanic! We are used to handle challenging formats and right-to-left issues. We are experts in translation areas like:

  • Farsi marketing translations,
  • Farsi website translations,
  • Farsi technical translations and more.

Our goal is to always translate accurately and on time, conveying the meaning of the original faithfully when it comes to Farsi technical translations and Farsi medical translations, but imaginatively and concentrating on the message rather than the form when we deal with marketing translations to produce fast turnaround Farsi translation services that sell and at a competitive price.

Night view of Tehran, Capital of Iran with a view of its famous landmark "the Milad"

Night view of Tehran, Capital of Iran with a view of its famous landmark “the Milad”

Pangeanic has selected the best translation tools in the market to manage terminology accuracy, post-translation checks for QA and proof-reading of Farsi translations efficiently. Our Quality and pre-publishing checking procedures in all languages ensure professional translation results. We keep extensive databases that retain the translation of phrases and common sayings in Farsi and other languages. Thus, we guarantee that you will not pay for the translation of any sentence twice.

Farsi to English Translation Services

Not many native English speakers take up Farsi studies as a foreign language. Therefore, it is not easy to find native English speakers with a high command of the language to offer professional translation services. We have recruited the best translators and our Human Resources Department has worked hard to select the best Farsi translators with a high command of English. They translate into English with a full knowledge of all nuances of Farsi. Their output is then edited and proofread by native English speakers according to International Translation Standard EN15038 in order to offer a final, English translation that reads as if originally written in English.

Our experienced Farsi translators will translate your material quickly and expertly so that you can use it to help your clients, market to more consumers or even just reach out to Farsi speakers around the world. Our Farsi translators will work with you to ensure that our Farsi translation services provide perfect results to ensure your reputation.

Farsi Technical Translation Services

Technical translations are a specialism at Pangeanic. We have been involved in several power generation projects for very reputed companies, and we are regular suppliers of translation services for major Japanese household appliance manufacturers, automotive manufacturers, etc. From consumer products to professional products, gas and oil, heavy machinery, light machinery, plant equipment and engineering processes, Pangeanic has the right translator and translation tools to successfully translate into Farsi.

Farsi Medical Translation Services

Through our dedicated Life Sciences and Medical Translations Division (certified by European Translation Standard EN15038 and ISO 9001), Pangeanic is your choice for professional Farsi medical translation services including:

  • Farsi medical devices documentation
  • Farsi approval documents,
  • Clinical trials translation services
  • General Farsi medical translations,
  • Farsi package inserts and labels,
  • Farsi patient surveys,
  • Farsi insurance forms,
  • Farsi product catalogs,
  • Farsi datasheets, etc.

We have helped pharmaceutical, life sciences, medical devices and healthcare companies reach global markets. Pangeanic professional Farsi translators with scientific and medical specialization will take care of your specialist texts. Our expert medical Farsi translators have experience working with Farsi clinical trial questionnaires, Farsi CRFs and Farsi IFUs, as well as Farsi informed consents, protocols, and many more.

Farsi Website Translation Services

Pangeanic offers full, professional Farsi website translation services and Farsi localization services: website translation and localization make your content available to millions of potential users and clients in this key market. Pangeanic’s technology will monitor your new publications, extract the new texts and offer you a fast Farsi translation service, even take care of your publication needs with a translation service level agreement so you can concentrate on your business and not in translation management!

Using the expertise of our professional translation agency, with a history of thousands of translated pages, we can amaze you by turning your website content into a magnet with Farsi translations with the best keywords and metatags – not just offering a direct translation of your website translation project but a full website localization project that will turn your website into a magnet. We use the latest combination of applied translation technologies for the web in order to translate full websites in WordPress (which 70% of websites use), Joomla, Drupal, and eCommerce sites so your web becomes an attractive multilingual site for your Farsi audience.

Farsi Legal Translation Services

Our large network of expert and professional translators includes hundreds of Farsi legal translators who are knowledgeable and have specific training in the legal system and specific terminology. Our legal Farsi translation services do not stop there, though. Pangeanic can also offer a range of legal and litigation services including

  • Farsi document identification
  • Farsi document management,
  • Farsi website crawling,
  • Farsi court reporting,
  • Farsi transcription services.

The areas in which we have produced legal translations include patent applications, employment contracts, non-disclosure agreements, company merger and acquisition agreements, commercial contracts, marriage, birth and death certificates, wills, rent and hire agreements, general business documents, etc.

Testimonials of our Professional Translation Services

“You guys were amazing! So fast in such a difficult language combination”
Yelena Sigal, Q-Trials

“The quality is excellent as usual. The source has been changed many times during the translation. Pangeanic was quick to respond to the changes and it was helpful.”
Eisuke Seki, Alaya

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Dangers of Bad Farsi Translation Services

We have all heard and seen examples of poor translation work. But you are in safe hands at Pangeanic thanks to our expert Farsi translation services: our job is to ensure that no poor quality work affects your company image. Our motto at Pangeanic is that “Quality is never expensive, lack of quality always is”. We have the tools and the technology to offer competitive Farsi translation rates and fast Farsi translation services. The dangers of not using reliable Farsi translators or a unprofessional Farsi translation services can include:

  • An increase in the total cost of trials or product launch due to bad Farsi translations.
  • Delays in marketing and launching.
  • Unintelligible, unusable Farsi translations or poorly translated material may lead you to lawsuits or rejection of your product in the Farsi market by local regulators.
  • Loss of reputation and bad image in the Farsi market.
  • And of course, you may end up needing to translate again the material you already paid a translation for.