Using a established and reputed translation agency like Pangeanic brings you some clear advantages compared to working directly with independent freelancers:

  1. Every translator in our books has to prove their qualifications, previous experience and also pass a quality certification and verification process as part of our European Translation Standard EN15038 procedures. We do not take on linguists claiming experience they do not have.
  2. Our staff checks the quality of the translation after each translator delivers the first version. Even though freelancers have to comply and confirm certain quality checks, four eyes are better than 2. This guarantees that our translation agency only provides high-quality translations with every project. Again, this is part of our standard Quality Procedures – we are audited every year to make sure we comply with checking steps. Quality is never expensive, but lack of quality will be – particularly in translation services.
  3. Pangeanic guarantees your satisfaction. If you are not pleased with the results, your Project Manager will check the matter immediately. If needed, we will find ask another translator to do the job at no extra cost. Because of our quality steps and checks, we are proud to say we had 0 supply complaints during 2012-2015.
  4. Pangeanic counts with a pool of in-house translators working into several languages, and sister offices in Shanghai and in Tokyo, so we cover a large number of languages in-house. Furthermore, the translators who work for us remotely have a long term commitment to our translation agency. They do not work just once and they are aware that our clients seek a perfect result so that they can communicate through their website, with their clients, publish marketing material and collateral materials, run marketing campaigns, etc… Because we work long-term with our translators, they have a stronger incentive to do a good job.
  5. We are serious translation agency with a strong reputation of treating translators well and paying suppliers on time. Good payment terms attract the best translators.
  6. You receive an automated quote and you are certain to know when your translation job will be ready.
  7. Our translation service is processed by a Project Manager. The Project Manager selects the most appropriate, specialist translator according to your requirements.
  8. Pangeanic is reputed for its process automation and translation technologies. This means that we can offer competitive prices but never underpaying our translators.

Please contact us for translation services if you need a serious and professional translation company today!

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