Certain documents require a specialist translator with a deep knowledge and understanding and who specializes in medical, legal or highly technical documents.

Pangeanic is a specialist translation service supplier providing expert translation services in specific translation areas. We select only the best translators from many candidates. We do not just look at experience and CVs, translators need to show demonstrable experience and pass a test that is checked by another native speaker. We are not interested in creating massive numbers and pools because expert translators and proofreaders require decades of experience in this kind of service. If you have local in-country reviewers, they can become proofreaders in the quality cycle. But please remember sales staff are not linguists so their preferences, although terminologically right and well-intentioned, sometimes also need to be double-checked so the overall style and coherence are kept.

Medical translations, engineering and technical translations, legal translations: for all these kinds of documents, Pangeanic provides Expert Translation services. An expert, native speaker translator carries out the translation and the work is checked in accordance to European Translation Standard EN15038.

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