Some of the most important points you need to consider when deciding which is the translation service level you require, are

– will you only use translation services once or sporadically or are you going to need regular publications?

– what are your documents intended for? website, paper publication, book publishing, etc

– how is your audience?

– do you expect any added-value services like desktop publishing / formatting, web publication, etc?

Surely, when choosing a translation service, you have to consider the price and the turnaround time for each of our translation levels as well. If you need a very fast service, say translating 10,000 words urgently in 24 hours, this requires a team of translators and a checker at the end to give the final text some consistency, therefore this may be more expensive than a translation that is not urgent.

We call Fast Translation our translation service where users need a fast translation service or only require a translation of a document for information purposes. It can happen in two ways:
a) for a basic ‘non business-critical’ translation (e.g. business communications).
b) when you need a large translation done in a very short space of time. Pangeanic will set up a team of translators to do the work and the job will be fully managed by an expert translation manager looking after terminology consistency.

Standard Translation is best for business documents where prose and style are not a priority, but accuracy, coherence and clarity are vital (this is the case of legal and technical documents, user manuals, tenders, bids, financial reports, etc).

Expert translation
is best for documents that must respect corporate brand/style guidelines.
Transcreation is best for new product-launch material with culture-specific references.

Machine Translation is best for light-speed translation of web comments, chats, Big Data and the translation of large volumes of documentation whose purpose is to inform, rather than professional publication. This may be the case of user comments, online reviews, translation of low-value content where humans are too expensive, information websites, or tweets, blogs, news, for sentiment analysis.

Please check the Translation Services pages for more information, and don’t hesitate to contact us for further details.
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