Yes indeed, we have provided translation services for all the companies mentioned in our website, and more…. The logos of the companies you can see on our website’s homepage are companies we have done work either directly as clients or as subcontractors. All of them have saved time and money thanks to our efficient translation processes. Some of them required specialist translation services, and we developed systems to link up to their publishing processes, for example machine translation engines, or linked our APIs to their CMS systems.

Pangeanic has also translated for European Union bodies. Statistical annual reports, articles and books on several aspects of the economy and the Third Sector. Visit our Use Cases section to learn more about some of our star projects and deliveries that have helped companies and organizations to reach more audiences internationally with multilingual versions.

Whether you are company looking for a professional language solution for your website, or you need a fast translation of a document, a translation of an international tender, translation of marketing materials and collaterals, co-creation of slogans and marketing messages that work in another language, Pangeanic has an expert team and a solution waiting for you.

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