The charge for translation services and rates depends on

  • the language combination,
  • whether you are dealing with an urgent request,
  • service level or the service agreement for regular work,
  • volume .

Pangeanic rates are very competitive because we have built a solid relationship with expert translators and developed translation technology and processes that allow us to be very efficient. We charge usually per word or per character translated, but also per hour – it depends on the service you need.

Check our section on service levels to find out more about which translation level is best for you.  Whether you need a Fast Translation, an Expert Translation, fully proofread by an independent translator for serious publication, or connect your API to our translation API to process thousands of translation requests using machine translation, Pangeanic is your translation partner to manage full translation and project management.

Pangeanic offers discounts for high-volume orders and in strategic partnerships where publishers seek a serious partner to expand their business globally with the help of a serious translation company. Thus the charge for translation services is customized according to your needs. Our 21st-century, cutting-edge translation technology identifies any segments that you may have translated in the past and even repetitions in the source material. This automatically qualifies you for discounts, as we will make sure to retrieve those already translated segments from databases we will create for you – and offer competitive charge for translation services.

Moreover, we are able to offer a portfolio of additional services complementing the translation process, Desktop Publishing (DTP) services in FrameMaker, InDesign and other packages. Multilingual Internet Marketing and Localization services, particularly with a view to create and maintain mutlilingual websites and sustain multilingual marketing campaigns are very popular services.

Please contact us today and request a free online quote using the link in the blue balloon from our homepage or contact us for a detailed quotation.

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