Yes indeed. You do not need to copy and paste and email or upload files to us. Our technology will do the hard work for you!  Pangeanic has created a unique Cor crawling technology to detect new website content and translate it according to your needs. This allows us to offer translation services on the fly. You can choose to have your new content translated automatically or create a job for human translation services.

How does the Cor Crawler website content translator work?

We like to make things easy at Pangeanic.

The video below shows you how our technology will crawl a site (or a section of a site) at a specific time. You can tell us if you want your site crawled daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

The crawler will check every new page created. In fact, it can detect any changes in previous content. If you have added a new paragraph, updated old news or comments or deleted paragraphs, even a single word, our website content translator will detect the change and pull the text out.

You can decide what to do with the content:

a) have it translated our human, professional translation services into any languages you need.
b) have it machine translated by our own proprietary MT technology.

Human translation services are recommended if you are dealing with public content or material that will be read by audiences, consumers, etc. Machine Translation is very useful when you need a first draft or you want to publish low-value content in bulk, such as short instructions, customer support, etc. Machine Translation can also serve as a pre-translation for humans to post-edit and finish.

Watch our video to get a better idea of how easy it is now to detect new website content and translate it in many languages and use translations to boost your business!!

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