Quality is a differentiator based on many steps in the process, and in-built checking procedures.

Some clients, specifically when inviting Pangeanic to take part in an RFP, ask us to describe our Quality Assurance processes in translation. In order to establish a “real” Quality Assurance process, a quality approach must begin before the translation tasks even begin. ISO philosophy states that even if we cannot influence the creation of source materials, we can of course check them before we start our work.

Asuming that the quality of the source text to be translated is of a high quality, the source text may still have much more traps than the linguistic one. And all these “small” traps are usually overseen in the process of translation – by all involved parties, starting from the customer and ending with the translator.  What many translation agencies and their translators usually perform is not Quality Assurance (even though many call this process QA by simply looking at the tools), but Quality Control. For Pangeanic, QA begins from the very beginning of the translation process and follows it in every step, whereas QC is one task sometimes subdivided into several other subtasks after certain process steps have already taken place. Quality Control is the proofing that takes place after the translation has been completed. QC is part of the Quality Assurance process, but cannot mean and much less replace a QA approach. Many points and issues of a translation can be checked by software for several purposes (spelling, grammar, no omissions, adherence to set terminology, numbers, even comprehensibility and many other points). All these checks are parts of a Quality Control process and should not be confused with a Quality Assurance process.

Pangeanic applies the strongest and extremely careful quality control and assurance procedures in every single step of our daily work. The company has been independently audited since 2005 and has renewed its certifications since then. Some members of staff worked in Quality Assurance Departments in Britain in the 90′s and for Ford Motor Company and Rolls Royce Industrial and Marine. Pangeanic’s management, all our staff members, both internal and external, are committed to the Pangeanic Quality Principle.

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