Pangeanic approaches website publication testing from a quality publication angle. This means that, a) there is translation quality route described involving Quality Assurance and Terminology tools in order to ensure that approved terms appear on the translation interface for the translator to use and Quality Control tools to ensure that the correct terminology has been used. Should there be any discrepancies, the text is returned to the translator/language leader for verification prior to publication; b) there is an on-page, visual check by a native speaker after the page has gone life. This on-page check includes any visual aids on the page like pictures, graphs, tables, etc., which may need reordering or alignment as a result of web publishing. This experience in invaluable when dealing with RTL languages like Hebrew, Farsi or Arabic.

Pangeanic’s website crawler (see video below) can be programmed to detect newly published pages in the languages of this proposal. Therefore, our linguists /Project Manager can receive a report of their work being published by GLEIF for check.

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