What is a translation API?

An API (and specifically a translation API) is a program that allows your product or service to link with other products and services in order to process and exchange information. It is an increasing trend for companies to exchange data and services. Some companies need to process thousands of lines of multilingual information to extract sentiment analysis, for example. Pangeanic uses its machine translation technology and other processes because we want to be a translation company that connects.

Do I need a translation API?

An API is considered as the next “must have” of business development, in order to create light-speed, efficient business relationships maintain as we move to an online, 24/7 digital economy operating without borders. Two decades ago, marketing departments and companies debated about the importance of having a corporate website. Nowadays companies engage in conversation with their users through those websites and they use social media – many times consuming and generating multilingual content.

In 2015, the importance of having a connector, an API, to compete effectively, is unquestionable.

How is my translation request received via the translation API portal?

Our Translation API does exactly the same as our XTRF-based online ordering and management system. You always decide which content goes through the plug-in and into what languages. Pangeanic will give you a translation API user ID and password (a key) which links your account in our online portal. Any requests from your side will automatically create new translation projects.

Can the API handle specific instructions intelligently about which parts of the uploaded content need to be translated?

Indeed, as a client, you can always validate what content needs translation or not. Some translation processes are highly automated, but you are ultimately always in control.

What is a translation string?

A string is a small extract of text that requires translating. Larger pieces of text are paragraphs, sentences or pages. A string is short like a tweet or a short comment on a blog or travel website.

Are strings translated by human translators or do they always pass through Pangeanic’s Machine Translation API?

Both options are available: you can choose to have your high quality content to be translated by our professional translators. Machine translation is a cost-effective and fast option which is good enough in many situations.

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