Pangeanic is a leading translation company in the field of Quality Assurance. We led implementation of European Translation Standard EN15038 in Spain in 2007 in a joint effort with other translation companies within the Spanish Association of Translation Companies. Our services have been certified ever since.  you can read more about our processes and certifications in our quality standards section:

Only companies which are independently audited by an auditing firm and prove a Quality Assurance process, with certified checks in order to ensure final, publishable quality, qualify to European Translation Standard 15038. In our case, we are audited every year by EQA. The following is a summary of the areas and processes external auditors check at Pangeanic, usually during a 2-day audit:

  • Human resources policy and recruitment (how our translators are recruited, how their qualifications and experience are checked, training courses for staff in order to keep our skills updated with the latest technology in translation, etc)
  • Job handling /Job management (how jobs are dealt with, procedures for job assignment, translation memory and terminology management, quality control, pre-processing checks, pre-delivery checks, traceability, back-ups, etc)
  • Quality Claims (how we handle unsatisfactory deliveries from our vendors, even if translations are checked and improved before delivery to the client, post-delivery claims, non-conformities, etc.)
  • Internal audits to ensure the system is running and staff adheres to it

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