Pangeanic’s Declaration of Environmental Policy

1. Principle

Our world is treasurable. We have the responsibility to protect the living condition for all variety of lives, and their next generation. We enjoy all the resources and materials provided by this world.
We, including all individuals, all related products, services and activities from this company, try our best to protect natural environment as our enterprise mission. Thus, we follow the below ideas, in order to maintain the relievable from society.

  1. Obey relevant laws and regulations, and to be socially responsible.
  2. Continuous improvement for Environment target.
  3. Engineering improvement for efficient resource consumption.
  4. Building up the sense for environmental protection for all employees.

2. Environmental policy

Our company provides translation services, develops language technologies, and helps companies publish more content in more languages in an efficient way. Concretely, we

  • Gather content for translation
  • Provide human translation services
  • Develop language technologies to speed language translation
  • Gather data to improve Natural Language Processing algorithms
  • Translate brochures, websites, flyers, documentation in general

We keep improvement to achieve environmental protection in our daily operations. We also build up the reliability from all mankind through all measures for green environment.

We carry out the following principles

1. Designation of environmental purposes and targets

We set up the targets which are technically and economically possible for the environmental protection.

2. Continuous improvement

We continuously improve our environmental management system by using PDCA cycle.

3. Compliance of laws

We obey domestic and foreign laws, regulation and agreements of environment..

4. Education & Training

Provide necessary educations and trainings for employees to raise environmental awareness and make them understand what they must do, to grow up human resources.

5. Pollution control and environmental protection

We promote pollution control and environmental protection considering the condition of our organization and environmental assessment.

6. Important Activity

We carry out the followings.

  1. Reduce office waste and recycle properly.
  2. Reduce of energy consumption (electricity, gas, fuel).
  3. Development and design the environmental friendly productions.

7. Communication

All employees can get information for all the basic principles and environmental policies from posters and information boards. This information is also disclosed to public. We also invite main partnership companies and material suppliers to let them understand about our policies.