The challenge

– To translate the full documentation for the new Ford Motor Company ZETEC-SE Valencia plant, providing on-site training at Giddings&Lewis tool manufacturing facilities in Liverpool, plus all UK suppliers to Ford’s Valencia plant.

– Technical documentation (over 500,000 words) and technical drawings that included boring machines, fixtures, of a 40M plant engine manufacturing some of Ford’s best known vehicles – and Mazda.

– To replicate the documentation for a similar plant in Chihuahua (Mexico), adapting European Spanish to Mexican Spanish.

The solution

– Development of a terminology database to be adhered to through all the technical documentation.

– Integration of terminology databases into translation software packages for inter-document translation.

– Development of Translation Memories to make use of similar sentences for Ford Motor Company’s machine tools.

– Replication of technical manuals drafted in MS Word and updates as they became available.

– Editing of CAD drawings into Spanish by an expert team.

– On-site training interpreting in Liverpool and in Valencia on and off over a 3-year period.

The result

– Over 5M words translated for Giddings&Lewis and suppliers. Zero complaints on terminology and formatting.

– Long-term translation solution.

Pangeanic has been used by other contractors as an expert translation supplier for technical documentation, automotive translations for Ford Motor Company, Giddings&Lewis (ThyssenKrupp) and other manufacturers.