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We are the professional translation company you can trust. Do you need a professional translation service to count the number of words on your website? Thanks to our own translation technology, you can. Pangeanic can also keep track of your new publications and translate your website into any language. We have accumulated thousands of terminology databases to ensure accurate technical translations. Our medical translation services rely on more than 1Tb of data of text and documents translated only in the last few years. We have recruited experienced translators with an in-depth knowledge of source and target languages to translate marketing material and transcreate your content when you need concepts and translations with a flavor. Pangeanic provides quality translations at competitive prices since 1997. We test all our resources so you can trust us to offer expert translators for Spanish translation services, French translation services, German translation services, Italian translation services, Chinese translation services, Japanese translation services fact more than 450 language combinations! Pangeanic develops translation technologies, machine translation engines, website crawling translation technologies, translation quality control and terminology tools to ensure perfect translations that enhance your brand reputation around the world. read more

Translation services

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  • 1. First-Time-Right Certified Translations

    As a translation company, Pangeanic works on a “first-time-right” approach. With nearly 2 decades of experience in supplying translation services in more than 35 languages, we know what works in multilingual publication and certified translations. Our translation company places great importance in having an initial quality translation from a professional translator. By carefully selecting the best translators, we obtain quality translations in a first draft. Our aim is to reduce revision and proof-reading time afterwards. As a result of our “quality at the source” philosophy, our translation company offers a leaner translation process which benefits you, the client saving you money and time. How? We use state-of-the-art translation memory technology, machine translation memory, publication APIs and translation management software to reduce inefficient processes. The best translators in the world, selected to use the most sophisticated translation technologies in a first-time-right approach.

    If the source material is of high quality from the beginning, we often go beyond the industry’s habitual Translate-Edit-Proofread model with a “first-time-right” approach. As a translation company, we are convinced that our “first-time-right” approach creates long-term value by placing focus on quality at the front-end with a proactive translation technology approach that minimizes inefficient, costly translation rework at later stages.

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  • 2. Quality-Oriented Translation Company

    Pangeanic’s approach toward quality permeates all our activities and it that spans all areas of our business and every step of our translation service process. We believe in measuring performance at key intervals and tracing quality through the project life-cycle to ensure compliance with our ISO certifications: European Translation Quality Standard EN15038 and ISO 9001:2008. To constantly measure performance of our translators, Pangeanic has deployed a 24/7 online system for capturing and reporting quality with every job we handle. Our system is based on project manager’s evaluation, client satisfaction reports and a point system that follows the model of LISA QA, and automotive standard J2450. It is designed specifically for translation companies and translation processes. It categorizes errors according to their severity (critical, major, and minor) and type (terminology, language, country standards, accuracy, style).

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  • 3. World-Class Translation Technology Tools and Processes

    As a professional translation company, Pangeanic uses technology that adjusts our workflow and offers you greater flexibility and speed in handling your translation assignments. Pangeanic is flexible and can introduce new steps to translation processes according to your needs, technology or publication strategy. With almost 20 years’ experience in translation project management, our translation company can advise you on best practices and efficient translation processes, working together to suit your quality and publication requirements, whether you require Italian translation services, Spanish translations or a full website localization project for your WordPress, Drupal, Joomla site, translation services for ecommerce sites like Magento, Prestashop, etc.

    Better translations through a standardized approach

    Pangeanic is one of the best translation services in the world. We develop translation technology tools that reuse previously translated material so that future texts can benefit from work already done and approved. It also develops machine translation engines when translation speed is essential. For example, you may need a translation API for your e-commerce site or to translate user comments on the fly but not using general “Google” machine translation but engines that specialize in your field and that you can retrain with new material. A comprehensive set of Computer Assisted Tools is also available. These tools can help reduce clients’ overall translation costs, also improving translation accuracy and consistency across documents.

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  • 4. Professional Translators for Every Client

    Pangeanic screens and pre-selects every single translator who applies and wants to work for us. So you only get expert translators in your field when you entrust our translation company. Moreover, Pangeanic has an in-house team of professional translators who specialize in several fields and verify you’re your work reads in the target language as if had been written originally in that language. And the chosen translation team remains with you over the duration of your translation project, sometimes becoming experts in your products, in your terminology over the years, learning and adapting to your requirements and maintaining consistent terminology and accuracy. This is a key advantage which adds to our state-of-the-art translation tools and terminology tools. And your style, your terminology, the way you publish is maintained across all current and future translations.

    Our teams hardly rotate, and thanks to the terminology tools (databases) we soon become experts in your specific field of industry – and probably are already. Translation expertise and familiarity with best practices reduces unnecessary rework and time-consuming edits. By counting on the best translators counting on expert translators and having terminology and checking tools in place, our translation company helps you have an added value to your business, a multilingual approach in a world market.

    Pangeanic’s project management team is composed of multilingual expert translation project managers who will coordinate every task and guide you on the best route to follow. Pangeanic will deliver your project error-proof, on time and on budget.

  • 5. Full Translation Project Management

    Every client of Pangeanic is assigned a specialist account manager who soon becomes familiar with the client’s needs. This translation project manager plans the resources which the client will require and selects the best translators for the project. The translation project manager may lead a team and be supported by one or more internal staff (depending on client needs, the size of the translation project and the target publishing needs). Regardless of volume, scope of work or languages awarded, Pangeanic always designates an Account Manager over the Translation Project Manager to look after the whole client relationship.

    Added Value Skills: Localization and Desktop Publishing

    Pangeanic offers a complete language solution which includes:

    Translation, Localization, Website Translation, e-commerce translation, Machine Translation, Desktop Publishing, Voice-Over and Multimedia support.

    Our specialist areas focus on: Technical and Software Translation, Automotive Translations, Linguistic & Functional Testing, Content Management, Centralized Terminology Management,
    Translation Memory Management, etc. We make translations help your business grow.

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  • 6. Top Quality In-House Spanish translations

    Pangeanic is renowned as one of the best translation agencies in the world. Our translation agency has cherry-picked and recruited more than 4,000 expert translators to provide professional translation services. Whether you need Spanish documents translated fast into English or a website translation service to turn your website into Spanish, technical translations, medical translations, etc our team of in-house Spanish translators and expert freelance specialists is here to help you.

    Latin American Spanish translations

    Hundreds of happy clients in the US, Japan, UK, China, Canada and all over Europe have used Pangeanic’s Latin American Spanish translation services. We carefully test and select the best translators from each region so we can combine the flavor of local Mexican translators, Colombian translators, Chilean translators, Argentinean translators with the most sophisticated translation technologies from Europe to guarantee that your Latin American Spanish translations are terminologically accurate, respect local preferences comparing them to previous translations from our databases.

    European Spanish Translations

    Pangeanic is a supplier of translation and proofreading services to EU institutions like EuroStat and contractors. Our in-house Spanish translation staff expertise has guaranteed the highest publication standards for European institutions and major international household names like Sony, Panasonic, Subaru, Honda, Samsung, Rolls Royce, etc.

    But quality does not need to be expensive. Lack of quality is! Contact our sales team and you’ll be surprised at how affordable your Spanish translations can be.

    International Spanish translations

    The experience of our translation company goes beyond offering local flavors, though. Some of our clients treat languages as markets and they compromise with a general Spanish translation which is neutral enough to be considered good for all markets. Unlike English, Spanish is very homogeneous in spelling. There are no noticeable differences in spelling from Mexico to Argentina, Spain or Panama. Pronunciation and word usage (particularly household items and food) are different.

    However, technical documentation for software translations or medical translations, etc., is very standard. Engineers and college-educated technicians have been exposed to texts from a variety of publishing houses from Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru. TV, the Internet and social media also serve as a catalyst for Spanish.

    An international Spanish translation will mostly be based on Latin American Spanish but will neutralize the expressions and words that a too local in order to prioritize those used and understood by all Spanish-speakers.

    International Spanish translations are a good method to save time and costs in your globalization strategy.


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  • Pangeanic makes the translation process easy... And they provide a friendly, fast translation service. Creating a database for all our translations was particularly useful so we could recycle translations and re-use content in other occasions and/or similar jobs.

    Chloe Wu, Hisense
  • "We like Pangeanic's work ethos and professionalism. They actively listen to their clients - and that helps them be the best every day to provide tailored language solutions. From my point of view, that's one of their greatest qualities".

    Rafael de Jorge - Marketing Director Onahotels
  • "As a research organization, we were reluctant about applying MT for scientific Journal publication in economics. Not anymore. Pangeanic used all our previously published material to create a solution that actually speeds up translation"

    José L. Monzón Campos, President of Ciriec España, Hon. President of Ciriec International
  • “I was delighted to make use of Pangeanic’s SMT developments with TAUS TDA Data and their customization to our publishing needs.”

    Salomé López-Lavado, Translation Manager, Sony Professional Solutions Europe