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Pangeanic is a professional translation company offering professional translation services. Our clients choose Pangeanic as a forward-thinking company, professional translation service because they need professional translations, proof-reading services, bilingual database management (glossaries and terminology), or language advice to accelerate multilingual publishing and time-to-market. We will help you reach other markets with multilingual websites. With our customized machine translation developments, we can create translation engines that pre-translate your content using your own vocabulary and expressions - optimized with your previous translations. Human post-editing services complete our value proposition to publish more, faster and in more languages and keeping to budget...read more


  • German machine translation engine worked wonders

    This is a summary of how a German machine translation engine worked wonders for one of our clients translating documentation for the electronics field. Imagine you or one of your clients have been translating into a given subject for years. … Continue reading ... read more

  • Technical Translation Service Samsung Oil and Fat Corporation

    Pangeanic's translation services for Samsung UK (SOFC) represent one of the most relevant use cases. They included English translation services and Spanish translation services in the two combinations. The corporation needed to know all the facts and details for a large drinking water bid in Equatorial Guinea as well as a very reliable technical translation that would describe exactly the offer and all technological and operational advantages of the company in establishing a drinking water network for the city of Bata. Continue reading ... read more

  • Translation Services and Solutions for Sony Corporation

    Pangeanic's translation work for Sony Corporation spans several decades, and for several centers across the globe. As part of the B.I Corporation of Japan, Pangeanic was instrumental in the work leading to receiving several awards. Continue reading ... read more

  • "As a research organization, we were reluctant about applying MT for scientific Journal publication in economics. Not anymore. Pangeanic used all our previously published material to create a solution that actually speeds up translation"

    José L. Monzón Campos, President of Ciriec España, Hon. President of Ciriec International
  • “I was delighted to make use of Pangeanic’s SMT developments with TAUS TDA Data and their customization to our publishing needs.”

    Salomé López-Lavado, Translation Manager, Sony Professional Solutions Europe

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